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Veterans Exercise and Wellness

A program designed specifically for your wellbeing.


A restorative exercise and wellness program created and taught by Veteran trainers designed as a therapeutic outlet providing exercise, social interacting, and a sense of community support for Veterans. 

A healing environment helping veterans to rebuild their health and their lives and heal the invisible wounds that affect veterans. The program provides tools and techniques to overcome cognitive and movement challenges resulting from neurological disorders and relief from the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety.

A place to socialize, enjoy camaraderie, and gain support.


High Speed Wellness Class

This class is:

  • Designed for high-mobility Veterans.

  • Focused on total body fitness, strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance, cardiovascular, and emotional fitness. 

  • Includes exercises done in teams to cultivate a sense of belonging and esprit de corps.

  • A challenging class designed to bring people together.

Firm Foundation Class

This class is:

  • Designed for less mobile Veterans looking to restore mobility, balance, core strength, flexibility and improve memory.  

  • Focused on boxing, aerobic conditioning, and improving cognitive performance.


Click on a day to see the available classes.

Meet The Veteran Trainers

Geoff Uhal is lead trainer and Director of Veterans Exercise and Wellness. He served in the Army as Captain for 12 years working in active combat and as a boxing coach. He suffered from an explosion in Afghanistan after which he spent 18 months in Vestibular Rehab learning how to walk again and regain balance. Geoff utilizes his personal experience and dedicates his time training people with movement challenges and helping Veterans restore their health and lives. 

Contact Geoff Uhal:


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